Sunday 26 August 2012

I'm still here!

Although I've not blogged for almost twelve months, I am still very much here!

It's been a busy year. Building work at home meant my bead studio had to be packed away for several months. I missed being able to make beads more than I'd have thought possible. All building work is now complete though, and in addition to a lovely big kitchen, I now have a brand new studio. I'll post some pics of it soon, but in the meantime I have something completely different to show you.

Whilst I was torchless I desperately needed some other outlet for all that pent up creative energy! So, I dusted off my sewing machine, and made myself a couple of skirts. Then I made some new cushions for the sofas in the conservatory, and some more for my studio.

I got the sewing bug! So, when my trusty heatable wheat bag needed replacing, it seemed obvious that instead of buying a replacement, I should make my own!

So, I made one, but filled it with rice instead of wheat, and I added a handful of the most gorgeous lavender flowers. Then I thought I'd better make a spare in another fabric. Then I thought perhaps my Dad might like one for his aches and pains.

I kept stumbling across really lovely fabric, and then I found some pretty ribbon. So I made more. Now, I seem to have more than I need! So, I thought I would set up an Etsy shop, and see if anyone else would like one. I called it 'Ricicles'! See what I did there??

My rice bags are pretty amazing, even though I say so myself! I've made some pretty floral ones, but I've also made some in more basic ticking utility fabric, so they'll hopefully appeal to achey men too.

They can be heated in the microwave (for about 90 seconds), or popped in the freezer as a cold pack. The nicest thing about rice is that it doesn't go stinky in the same way that wheat bags sometimes can, and it really moulds to your body, so stays put.

I use my rice bag every single day. It really eases the aches I get from sitting at a desk all day in the week, or at the torch at the weekend. In the winter it'll warm my feet in bed a treat.

I'm hoping to sell a few, but if I don't I know what my family will be getting for Christmas this year!

Come back soon and I promise I'll have some pictures of my new studio, complete with super duper extraction system!

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swisssidejewelleryetc said...

Hi there! Lovely to see you back and what fab bags!!! Keep up the good work.