Monday, 1 October 2007

Made from scratch!

I am very pleased with this necklace. It was a good way of using up some spare beads that I had, and it acts as a kind of sampler necklace. I keep looking at it because I can't believe I've actually created it all myself from just a few rods of glass and a length of sterling silver wire. I am thoroughly enjoying experimenting. The best part is that I have a legitimate excuse for making a lot of noise with a hammer and anvil! This design uses the same technique as the bracelet I made, so they match beautifully.

I keep waiting for the postman, as I have some fabulous new presses arriving soon from the US (hopefully!) I'm very excited as they're fabulous shapes.

I almost forgot! This little fish was the result of a glassy doodle just the other day. I can't really take the credit as he just seemed to emerge all by himself! I'm quite certain that he's not anatomically accurate, but he's spurred me on to have another go!


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