Saturday, 21 February 2009

Maple Syrup

I have just one set this weekend so far. These are called "Maple Syrup". I think I must already have pancakes on my mind with Shrove Tuesday approaching.

I think I might have to make a big pile of them, and drizzle them in syrup. And then make another big pile, and sprinkle them with sugar and lemon. And then make another big pile, and smother them in chocolate sauce. Mmmmmmmmmmm! My mouth is watering already!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

'Chintz' & 'Celebration' Beads

Just a couple of new sets this week.

This first set is called 'Chintz' and was made using another of my friend Tan's gorgeous frit blends. These are a really summery mix of pink and yellow roses, with a little freshly mown grass thrown in for good measure.

The second set is called 'Celebration'. I have used my favourite Reichenbach antique clear glass, which I've etched to soften it, then I've decorated each bead with a wrap of silver. Very classy even though I say so myself.

I also wanted to mention that I have a bead featured in the new issue of Beads and Beyond. This time it is my entry to their Lampwork Bead competition. It's a bead I showed here ages ago, but here it is again. It's called 'Jurassic' and is one of my fossil series of beads. I'm not expecting to get a sniff of the prize, but it was well worth entering just to see my bead on the pages of the magazine, especially as it is my most favourite bead, and a definite keeper.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

More Oddly Named Beads

Yes, I have just listed several sets of beads in my Bead Shop, and I feel quite sure that the bizarreness (is that a real word?) of their names will not disappoint you.
I have also listed a pretty focal. Something that is a little different for me;
Ocean Flower

Without further ado, some of my oddly named bead sets;

Apricots & Custard

Squished Berries

Turquoise Tie Dye

Silver Tabby

You can find other oddly-named beads in my Bead Shop.

I have, this weekend, succumbed to Twitter. I'm holding Philip Schofield and his hedge entirely responsible.

Anyway, it occurs to me that Twitter will be another way for me to communicate when I have listed new beads for sale. Consequently, if you would like to be notified, you can follow me here;

Have a great weekend!