Sunday, 20 January 2008


Well, I have finally managed to get some new beads on my site! I've been working on sets this time around. It's funny how sometimes I feel compelled only to make focals, and on other occasions I like the repetitive nature of making sets. I've been getting some fabulous colour reactions from some of my new reactive frits. I hope you like them too.

Yesterday I had a session of making twisties. It's great fun melting lots of glass and randomly painting it onto a glass paddle, and then pulling and twisting... pulling and twisting... until a gorgeous glass candy cane is formed.

I'm taking part in a tree bead challenge with some beadmaker friends, and I've been really encouraged by my first efforts. The weather has been dreadfully dull, and it's been difficult to get decent photos recently, but I will rush and take one to show you the minute the sun reappears. So that'll be about May then!

I have lots of ideas for a new series of beads which I'm quite excited about. I'll let you know how they develop shortly. I will also be putting more jewellery on my site soon too. Look out for my new range of silver bracelets with my glass bead charms, coming soon!


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