Sunday, 17 August 2008

Sweet Dream Necklace

I'm very excited to be able to show you this fabulous necklace that Nia has made, using a set of my implosion beads.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this set. The deep blue transparent glass contrasts well with the soft white, and while implosion beads aren't the simplest technique to master, this set just seemed to come together. I must have been in the zone that day!

Nia has matched the beads with amethyst, which she explains "is believed to aid restful sleep and promote intuitive dreams" - swarovski pearls and crystals, and Hilltribe silver.

Nia is a very talented jewellery designer, and you can see more of her work on her website and on Etsy. She has a Flickr album too, full of her gorgeous creations.


Kebo Jewellery said...

Beautiful necklace and stunning beads, they really are gorgeous.


ChatElaine said...

Those implosion beads are gorgeous Heather, Nia has done them proud.


Jo Davies said...

It was me who bought the Sweet Dreams necklace that Nia made with your fabulous lotus flower beads. I have a strong interest in crystal therapy; as soon as I saw this necklace on Nia's website I sensed that it has a remarkable, therapeutic vibration, and this was confirmed when I received it. Although the implosion beads are not natural crystals as such, my intuition tells me that you loved making them, and Nia was clearly delighted to use them in creating the necklace! Jo

Bumpy Beads said...

Jo, it was so lovely of you to contact me. I rarely hear who my beads finally get to live with, so it's just lovely to know these lotus beads have such an appreciative new owner. I did indeed throughly enjoy making this set because the process of making them is almost magical. One moment the glass is a slim disc with seemingly random spots on, and the next it has "blossomed" into a magical flower magnified in a clear glass window. Very therapeutic, and very rewarding. Nia did an absolutely wonderful job and has created a beautiful design with them. I'm so pleased you are enjoying your necklace.