Sunday, 4 October 2009

All Washed Up

I absolutely love making organic bead sets, and I love this softly etched set in ivory and black, with trails of silver and a lovely swathe of antique clear. They really look as if they could have been washed up on the tide, so they are my All Washed Up beads. See what I did there?

Staying on the organic theme, here is a fab lentil in one of my favourite colours. The black has laced over the bead giving a deep veiny appearance.

I rarely encase my organic beads, but when I experimented with this bead I was really pleased with the result, so there may well be more of these appearing in future.

Tiger beads are such fun to make, and this is a really hefty-sized focal.

If you prefer more colour in your beads, I can do that too! Pink Lipstick...

and Raspberry and Peach Melba.

That's all for now!

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BeadyPool said...

Loving the washed up beads and the lipstick ones :) Gorgeous x