Monday, 18 January 2010

New Year, New Beads!

My first blog of the year, so I'll begin by wishing you all a Happy New Year. It's been a very odd year so far and off to a bit of a slow start, mainly due to the snow. And we have more forecast for this Wednesday. Now I love a bit of a snowy sprinkly to prettify the place, but come on now... enough is enough! It's amazing how quickly the "magical sparkle" of the snow can turn into a "tedious slushy mess". I blame myself really. I wished for it. Two hours later we had three inches of the stuff and I was struggling to get up the hill I live on.

The moral of this story must surely be "Be careful what you wish for"!

So here are my first beads of the year. I have another Taj focal, this time a lentil shape, with some lovely detail;

Then there is a set of wavy beads, so I'm cleverly calling these, ummm... wave beads!

I love the shape of these. They really demonstrate the versatility of glass.

Finally a set of beads inspired by the night sky and star gazing adventures through my telescope.

The Pinwheel Galaxy is a spiral galaxy about 27 million light-years away and about twice the size of the Milky Way.

This set of Pinwheel Galaxy beads was inspired by the fabulous swirl of this beautiful galaxy. Droplets of real silver on the surface of the bead represent the starry masses that hang in the galaxy's gravitational sphere.

All of these beads are listed in my Etsy Shop.

I'm busy making some jewellery for a special project at the moment, but I'm hoping to be making lots more beads again soon.


Mel P said...

These are stunning, I LOVE the focal. On another note, my Dad adopted an Elephant for my Mum for Christmas through the link that you posted, thank you so much Mum was overjoyed! In fact they are hoping to go over and see her "baby" :

Bumpy Beads said...

Mel you have made my day! How brilliant that your Dad bought your Mum a baby elephant for Christmas! It would be great if they managed to visit Kenya too. I'd love to visit my babies one day. You must let me know which baby your Dad chose :) I'm glad you like today's beads!

AmyE said...

I saw the pinwheel galaxy beads on flickr and just had to buy them! I am so pleased with them - they are blinkin' gorgeous! Thanks Heather.

Bumpy Beads said...

I'm so glad you like your beads Amy. I'd love to see what you make with them :)

Mel P said...

Hi Lovely I have nominated you for a Sunshine award xx