Sunday, 26 September 2010

Reflecting on Glass

So... glass...

Clever isn't it!

I mean, it's solid, watertight and strong and yet it can be completely transparent.

But not always.

It can be liquid, and bendy and fragile and opaque.

It can be ice-cold, or furnace hot.

It can be rounded and smooth, or razor sharp.

It can start off clear and end up red. Or yellow. Or orange. Or.... well, I think you get the picture.

It magnifies, and in doing so allows us to see into the far reaches of the solar system.

In short, it's pretty amazing stuff, and I just like to reflect (see what I did there?) on this now and again.

So anyway, I took some of this ice-cold hot liquid solid stuff, and made some beads! Here they are;

On Golden Pond;

Over the Rainbow;

Forgotten Garden;

Coral Blush;

A Touch of Magic;


I hope you like them!

Have a great week.

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