Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Maasai Necklace

I wanted to show you this gorgeous necklace that Nia Clement has made using a set of my lampwork beads and lots of Bali sterling silver.

Of course, the last time I saw these beads they didn't look nearly this good! Nia has a way of designing jewellery that shows beads off to their very best. I think the name Nia has given this piece is perfect.

This necklace has reminded me that I should explore the techniques I used in these beads again. I'm buzzing with ideas at the moment, and am looking forward to getting an opportunity to light my torch.

I love to see how people use my beads, so if you want to share any of your creations with me I will show them off here for you!

You can see more of Nia's work at Gemwaith Nia Jewellery.


Nia said...

Heather, I'm just catching up with blogging (and other blogs) again after about 18 months! So I've only just seen this, and thank you! I'm so pleased you like it!

Annemieke said...

I love this necklace! :)