Sunday, 28 August 2011


Another blog - I know! No blogging for months and then two in one week. It's amazing how much more beady stuff you can get done when you have a week off work!

I made this Samburu bead set, and then etched it to a matt finish, which I think really suits this design. I love the colour reactions in these beads, and the fact that you can see the traces of silver that I burnished onto the bead to help the colour reactions along.
I made a couple of focals too. Well I made three actually, but one broke when I cleaned it. Urgh! It was the nicest as well, but that's the law of breakages! That'll teach me for not keeping the one end warm enough before I placed it in the kiln. Tsk!

This is a much paired combination of turquoise and silver;

... and another favourite combination of mine - turquoise and purple. This time I've made a spotty bead, just because I love how the turquoise saturates as it tries to move away from the purple glass.
Thank you for looking!


Anonymous said...

Wow! the beads you make are lovely and so unique...

Bumpy Beads said...

Thank you :)