Sunday, 23 November 2008

Designer to the Stars!

Several months ago there was a Forum Challenge to design a piece of jewellery for an Eastenders cast member. It all started when Barbara Windsor (aka Peggy Mitchell) was spotted on tv wearing a gorgeous bracelet. Sooz, of the Forum, contacted Barbara to ask about it, and Barbara explained that the bracelet had been a gift but she had subsequently lost it. We all decided to contribute beads to make her a new bracelet!

Well then we all thought how nice it would be if we could send the other cast members something too, so I made this for Samantha Janus, who plays Ronnie Mitchell.

I used my own lampwork beads with some lace agate, and hammered some wire to mount them on. Then I used a pretty bail to hang them from a silver chain.

This week I received a thank you note from Samantha.

How nice! You never know, I may see her wearing it at the next red carpet event!


Swiss Side Jewellery etc said...

Hi Heather !
How thrilling. It really is a lovely design and the colour combo of the beads is beautiful. Lucky Samantha!!

ChatElaine said...

How lovely, its really nice when someone whos famous actually takes the time to respond, Gorgeous necklace Heather, your on a roll at the moment well done to you!!