Friday, 21 November 2008

Kitty, the Woodland Fairy

Meet Kitty, the Woodland Fairy.

Kitty is the fabulous creation of the very talented and generous Sabine Little of Little Castle Designs. Sabine is talented because she makes the most fabulous sculptural beads, and generous because she offered the stunning Kitty up as an incentive for members of the Frit Happens Forum to make a donation to Children in Need.

Sabine not only makes exquisite fairies, she also makes beautiful butterflies and roses and has a real talent for these sculptural pieces.

Sabine sent me Kitty to bring me luck and grant my wishes, and I have had a major piece of luck this week (more of that another day), so she's certainly fulfilling her role!

Massive thanks to Sabine for her generosity. I will treasure Kitty always.


Sabine Little said...

You are a real sweetie, Heather. Thank you for your kind words, and I can only repeat what I said elsewhere - that Kitty couldn't have gone to a better home. I am so happy she has started with her job of bringing you luck already!! Thank you and all the other Fritt Happens members for their contributions to Children in Need!

ChatElaine said...

You were very lucky to win her as she is so beautiful and I am glad she has already started to fulfil her role so soon!!