Saturday, 3 January 2009

Finished, finally!

I finally completed the necklace and bracelet set that I started in November! I have been so distracted by other things that after about three inches of making the bracelet I had to set it to one side. Well I sat down a couple of afternoons ago to do a bit more, and got so engrossed that I ended up finishing the bracelet and making the entire necklace! Obsessive? Me? Noooooo.....

This set is all mine. My hubby bought me the silver to make it for my birthday. I have been teasing him mercilessly saying that most women get their jewellery gift-wrapped in a pretty box, while I get a reel of silver wire and a pair of pliers to make my own. He knows I'm just kidding, it was the perfect gift!

The necklace looks really elegant worn just by itself, but it looks just as nice with a pretty pendant hanging from it. I'm sure it will be a well worn piece. The bracelet is really light and I love it!

I also got to experiment with my new large lentil press, and I decided I needed a purple bead to wear with a new jumper. So, I made this, and it looks lovely on my new chain.

Now all I need to do is make a lentil to match all my other jumpers and I'm sorted!


BeadyPool said...

You have so much patience making that necklace and bracelet. I would of been bored halfway through :)
Love the idea of being to wear it lots by changing the focal to match your outfit. Vx

Rebecca Crabtree said...

It's lovely Heather, well done. That'd be my ideal birthday present too! Becci x

Bumpy Beads said...

Thank you V & Becci. It's quite relaxing doing something so repetitive, and extremely rewarding when it's finished.

ChatElaine said...

It is really gorgeous Heather, and the bead is lovely too. I'm just not that good as chain maille I only do the simpler designs. It feels great when you finally finish something you started a while ago and then go back to it.