Sunday, 26 April 2009

Lucky Me!

Recently I was very fortunate to be gifted a gorgeous silver and glass pendant, made by the fair hand of Rebecca Hughes. It's a really wearable piece that I've hardly taken off since I received it, and it's also my favourite colour. Take a look at Becci's gorgeous silver beads and buttons at Fired Silver.

I have also acquired a new pet! This is Juan Carlos, and he was made by Lesley Jane Dixon. Isn't he cute? You can find Les's brilliant character beads, as well as lots more beads and some felt pieces at Flame Born Beads.

I have listed new beads on my website today, so pop along and take a look. I had real difficulty getting any nice pictures today, but this is a close up from one of the sets that I'm really pleased with. I mean I'm pleased with the bead, not the close up, which has a hideous reflection of the conservatory roof!

Have a great week!


Fired Silver said...

Thanks Heather! Fab photo too, makes it look really snazzy! Have just shown it to hubby so he knows what he's aiming for!! Becci xx

Nicola said...

Wow - thats a lovely colour, lucky you & well done Becci! :)
Nic x