Sunday, 3 May 2009

Ring Sizing Pellets, for use with Silver Clay

I've been so disappointed to finish a ring only to discover it doesn't fit! I love these pellets so much I've made them available on my website.

If you've ever made a ring using silver clay you'll know how tricky it can be to get a perfect fit when the clay shrinks a little more than we would have liked. These fabulous ring pellets take all the drama out of it. Cast from fine investment powder, these pellets won't mark the inside of your ring.
Just make your ring a couple of sizes larger than the size you need the finished ring to be. Before you fire it, place a ring pellet of the size you want the finished ring to be in the centre of the ring.
During firing the ring will shrink tightly to the ring pellet, resulting in an accurate fit. Brilliant!
One the ring has cooled, place the ring and the ring pellet into a paper cup. The pellet will dissolve quite easily. If necessary use a needle tool or a stiff brush to carefully poke out any remaining pellet. Rinse the ring.

Do not pour the ring pellet residue down the drain. Instead, let it dry out and then pop it in the household rubbish.

Pellets are sold in sets of 9, one of each ring size 4 to 12. Each pellet is imprinted with the ring size. Ring sizes are US sizes, but the comparable UK size and the diameter in millimetres is as follows;

4 H1/2 (15.5mm)
5 J1/2 (15.5mm)
6 M (16.5mm)
7 O (17.2mm)
8 Q (18mm)
9 R1/2 (19mm)
10 T1/2 (19.8mm)
11 V1/2 (20.7mm)
12 Y (21.4mm)

A set of 9 pellets is just £4.95, and you can buy them here.

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