Sunday, 10 May 2009

Tie Dye and Other Beads

I've had an absolutely lovely day today at Ludlow's first ever Spring Food Festival. A smaller affair than their famous Autumn Food Fair, it was nevertheless an excellent day out. On entry you were given a souvenir half pint glass and a token for your first half pint of beer or cider. Then it was just a matter of eating and drinking your way around the entire event for the rest of the day. Bliss! The weather could not have been better, which really made the day and put smiles on everyone's faces. The Fair was held in the grounds of Ludlow Castle, which is fairly spectacular in its own right, as castles go. Row upon row of classic and vintage cars, lorries, tractors and motorcycles were an extra attraction. Came home with asparagus and chocolate. I'd call that a very successful shopping day!

Yesterday I made beads, and these are them all scrubbed up and shiny;

Berry Focal

Berry Tie Dye Set

Surf's Up

Coast I - shiny finish (I couldn't decide whether to etch these Coast beads or not, so I left one shiny and etched the other!)

Coast II - etched to a matt finish, with the "water" left shiny and wet.

That's it for this week!

Have a good week.


Mel P said...

That sounds like my kind of day out! Your beads are beautiful, I love the tie dye set xx

BeadyPool said...

Just made a scrummy bracelet and pendant using the blue beads I bought form you the other week, will let you know when I take a pic. I am really rather pleased:)
Just to let you know, I have moved my blog to - hope to see you over there Vx

Bumpy Beads said...

Mel - thanks very much. You caved in then? ;)

V - I remember the beads! I am looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous jewellery! I'm now following your new blog ;)

jolicious said...

Gorgeous beads!