Sunday, 4 May 2008

Playing with Fire

Despite not having very many new beads in my shop, I have actually been quite busy at my torch. I was inspired by so much of what I saw at the Flame Off, and I have been playing around with some new techniques. I mentioned last time I blogged that I've been playing around with some implosions, and (in true Blue Peter style) here is one I prepared earlier.

I've noticed lately that some of the things I used to find difficult are suddenly much easier. As I learn more about glass, and heat control I'm able to tackle techniques that I previously wouldn't have considered. It's really heartening to know that practice does pay off. I'm a bit like a butterfly at the moment, flitting from one new technique to another, but I'm sure I'll settle into something less akin to mania some time soon!

I've also been having fun with some faux boro effects, and I'm particularly pleased with this little set. Amazingly, no blue, green or purple glass was used to create these effects. They are all derived from a fancy reaction using frit. This technique is wonderful, because the same ingredients can produce completely different colours just by changing the base colour of the bead. Being a simple person, this simple technique is ideally suited to me!

I've also been playing with some silver glass from Northstar. This set of April Shower beads uses Sasha's Silver. It's really easy to work, and a nice change from Double Helix glass.

Finally, just for a bit of fun, I made these Tiger beads.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday!

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